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Netherfield Primary School

Netherfield Primary School

Our Classes

Take a look at what is happening across Netherfield Primary School.

EYFS Foundation 1 

Foundation Stage 1:

Butterflies, Ladybirds and Bumblebees teachers are Mrs  Brakes and Mrs Cranefield

The Butterflies, Ladybirds and Bumblebees have been keeping very busy as usual this half term!  We began by welcoming some new friends to our groups. We all helped by showing them our routines and by being a kind friend if anyone was upset! It is really important to us that everyone feels safe and happy!

Our work this half term has been based around the lovely story , ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’! A love of books is a main aim in F1. A favourite time of the week is when Y4 pupils come and share books with us!

 Did you know that crafty caterpillar came and made holes in some of our fruit? It was a real mystery!! This has led to work on positional language as well as our everyday maths sessions on developing reasoning and investigations.

In our daily Phonics sessions we enjoy playing games that develop our listening skills.

We also manage to fit in brushing our teeth everyday as we are part of the ‘Brushing Buddies’ project!

In Learning Lab sessions we have been experimenting with colours….. making colourful volcanoes, mixing colourful potions and painting with broccoli! We always know when children have had a good time when they go home very messy! Learning through their play.

EYFS Foundation 2 

Fireflies teachers are Mrs Chaplin and Mrs Hicken

Dragonflies teacher is Mrs Slater

Read what Fireflies are doing this term by downloading their newsletter below.

Year 1 

Class 1 teacher is Miss Sentence

Class 2 teachers are Miss Mulligan and Mrs Carr.

Take a look at Year 1 learning about life in Victorian times in our photo gallery.

Year 2 

Class 3 teachers are Mrs Crawford and Mrs Taylor.

Class 4 teachers are Mrs Buckland and Mrs Tabreham-Henshaw

Read what Class 4 are doing this term by downloading the Class 4 newsletter below.

Year 3 

Class 5 teachers are Mrs Holdridge and Mrs Bedford

Class 6 teacher is Miss Coutts

Read what Class 6 are doing this term by downloading their newsletter below.

Click on the documents below to see work with Year 3 in Netherfield Primary School's Lodge.

Year 4

Class 7 teacher is Mr Cooper

Class 8 teacher is Mr Payne

Read what Class 7 and Class 8 are doing this term by downloading their newsletters below.

Year 5 

Class 9 teacher is Paul Humphreys

Class 10 teacher is Heather Lievesley

Year 6 

Class 11 teacher is Katie Cook

Class 12 teacher is Carmel Atkinson